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Annual membership options and fee structures

Application Submission Fee

Application Submission Fees are specific to each Accreditation and are applicable upon submission of a completed application.

Application Submission FeesGBPUSDSGDAUDEUR
Penetration Testing1,2001,5002,0002,0001,250
Vulnerability Assessment (including Technical Assessment)2,4003,0004,0004,0002,500
Cyber Security Incident Response1,2001,5002,0002,0001,250
SOC (including SOC remote audit)3,2004,0005,2505,2503,500
STAR ILPT1,2001,5002,0002,0001,250
STAR TI1,2001,5002,0002,0001,250

All fees subject to applicable taxes.

New member discount

New members are eligible for a discount on their first application submission fee. The discount amount is GBP 450. For members paying in other currencies, the equivalent discount will be USD 575, SGD 750, AUD 750, or EUR 400, based on the currency of payment.

Joining fee

Joining fees are linked to the annual revenue of the applicant organisation in the most recent financial year. They are applicable upon first approval of a Membership Application and do not apply to subsequent accreditation applications to an existing membership or membership renewals.

Move your cursor over annual revenue figures for pop-ups showing currency equivalencies.

< £1m1,5001,8502,4502,5001,750

All fees subject to applicable taxes.

Annual subscription fee

CREST Annual Subscriptions allow companies to choose the markets in which they wish to deliver their CREST-accredited services and how they are displayed and connected to buyers on the CREST website.

  • Global subscription for members who market and deliver CREST-accredited services in every region.
  • Regional subscriptions – the Americas, Asia, Australasia and EMEA – for members who market and deliver CREST-accredited services in specific regions. The definition of our membership regions is available here: Membership Region Definitions.

Your CREST Annual Subscription is applicable each year of membership.

Member Subscription
Accreditation Subscription (in addition to your Annual Subscription)
CIS Controls Accreditation1,2001,5002,0002,0001, 250

All fees subject to applicable taxes.

Lower-income countries membership

To help drive up global standards and grow capacity in local markets, we have introduced a 50% discount for small businesses based in lower-income countries. You can find out more here.