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About Membership

A global network

CREST is an international, not-for-profit membership body for the cyber security industry. We sit at the centre of a network of 300 member companies operating in dozens of countries around the world.

Through links with the buying community we support our members in promoting their services in the marketplace.

Thousands of cyber security analysts internationally hold one or more of our professional certifications, some through equivalency arrangements.

We have links to governments and regulators in countries around the world.

By becoming a member you are plugging your business into the heart of the global cyber security community.

Market advantage

Accreditation sits at the heart of CREST membership, helping our members differentiate their services and businesses in a crowded marketplace.

All members undergo rigorous accreditation processes covering the policies, processes and competencies they have in place for delivery of their services.

Consequently, member companies offer industry-leading levels of quality assurance allowing clients to buy with confidence.

Our evolving accreditation process also allows members to register their technical staff, offering member companies additional opportunities to market the superior quality of their CREST-accredited services.

CREST branding is available to all members to support their marketing.

CREST Accreditation

Client Leads

Our website is designed to simply and quickly connect member companies with organisations looking to buy cyber security services.

Every member is listed on our searchable website database, and each can customise their individual profile pages to appeal to potential clients.

Buyers who are not sure what cyber security service they need are guided through a set of questions that will put them in touch with member companies that can help.

All buyers can filter members by the CREST-accredited services they offer, by the regulatory schemes to which they belong and by the regions and countries in which they offer their CREST services.

They can then shortlist their search results and contact those members directly using our embedded Supplier Enquiry and call back forms.

Hundreds of potential sales leads have been sent direct to member companies using our Supplier Enquiry and call back forms.

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Joining CREST

Joining is a robust but relatively straightforward process. To join, companies must successfully complete our accreditation process. This is designed to demonstrate the quality of the services delivered by companies and the competences of their technical staff.

To become accredited, and so be eligible to join CREST, companies must meet a range of requirements and there fall into four main areas:

• Company operating procedures and standards
• Personnel security and development
• Approach to testing and response
• Data security

Information on joining