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About CREST exams

Examinations overview

CREST professional examinations are broken down into three levels.

The CREST Practitioner level examinations are the entry level professional exams and are aimed at individuals with around 2,500 hours (two years) of relevant and frequent experience.

The CREST Registered level examinations are the next step and by passing this you are demonstrating your commitment as an information security tester.  Typically, candidates wishing to sit a Registered examination should have at least 6,000 hours (three years or more) of relevant and frequent experience.

The CREST Certified level examinations are designed to set the benchmark for senior professionals. These are the certifications to which most aspire and the examinations are aimed at individuals with approximately 10,000 hours (five to six years) of relevant and frequent experience.

The above timescales are recommended, not mandatory.

Penetration Testing Threat Intelligence Incident Response

Key benefits

  • A structured and recognised career path
  • CREST certifications are recognised by the buying community, regulators and governments
  • CREST is a gold-standard, industry leading certification
  • Join a recognised community of security professionals with opportunities to further your career development through networking and information sharing
  • Employment opportunities with information security sector
  • A training, examination and career path to suit your development and aspirations.

Career pathways

CREST examinations are recognised by the professional services industry and buyers as being the best indication of knowledge, skill and competence. They are a high-level aspiration for those taking them and increasingly a mandated requirement for those hiring or buying services.

CREST provides recognised career pathways from your early career through to experienced senior tester level and those recognised for their industry-level expertise via the awarding of the prestigious CREST Fellowship.

We work with the largest number of technical information security providers who support and guide the development of our examination and career paths.

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