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Registering your skilled professionals

We have launched a new dimension to our accreditation process that allows member companies to register individual employees with us and gain personal CREST IDs.

Our members are hugely diverse, each investing in different levels of professional capacity and capability across different disciplines.

As a result, we recognise that the single standard for accreditation needs to evolve and so we have begun the process of moving towards a tiered accreditation framework.

To support this move we are asking that all individuals that are responsible for the delivery of an outcome or output for a CREST-accredited service are registered with us.

Once individuals are registered by members they will be asked to undertake two separate tasks:

1. Provide some basic information that will allow us to identify the individual as a unique entity with a personalised CREST ID. As part of this process individuals will be asked to sign our Code of Conduct in the first half of 2023.

2. Optionally provide enhanced information about their skills, training, examinations and experience. This information will be anonymised and used by CREST to support organisations in presenting themselves more effectively to clients in the buying community.

Changes to our website will focus on better connecting buyers of cyber security services with our member companies, providing opportunities for members to share enhanced information with potential clients.

What you need to do

The entire process is conducted using the CREST Membership Application Portal.

CREST Member companies will need to provide a list of individuals they would like to register with CREST via the “Skilled Person Account Registration” form.

Once the list of individuals has been provided, these individuals will be given access to the portal or have their existing access amended.

The individuals will need to complete the “Skilled Person Registration” form and submit this to CREST.

This information will be recorded by CREST and a unique CREST ID issued to the individual.

Registration and user access amendments will happen within 72 hours of submission of the list.

CREST ID’s will be generated at the end of each calendar month and sent by email to the individual directly.

Why are we asking individuals to register with us?

The feedback from many of our stakeholders is that both organisations and individuals should be increasingly accountable for the services and the guidance that they provide.  

By signing our Code of Conduct, individuals are being asked to attest that they will follow a set of professional rules, guidance and principles. Through CREST IDs we will have direct engagement with individuals, and both encourage and enforce professional standards and norms.

CREST IDs also have the advantage of working as professional passports for individuals attesting to the skills, competencies, experience and professional standing of the individuals who hold them.

Why are we asking for additional information on skills, examinations and experience?

There is collective agreement among our members around the need to provide better signposting to the skills, experience and competencies within their companies.  

So, we are now asking our members to help us gather details on how they demonstrate skills, knowledge and competencies to the market. By gathering multiple data points, we hope to produce a rich dataset that captures regional and sectoral analytics.  

We will clean and anonymise the datasets, before aggregating in a Competency Measurement consultation document to be issued to members. This will give members the opportunity to shape and influence our future accreditation tiers.

The consultation is planned for the second half of 2022, with the new accreditation tiering being formally launched in 2023.


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